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Panel Abstract

Conducting Exit Polls during the May 2016 Philippine National Elections

The paper presents its methodology for conducting a nationwide Exit Poll during the May 2016 Philippine National Elections by SWS-TV5 Exit Poll. The present paper will present findings on the outcome of the elections based on the exit polls with a target sample of 40,100 respondents with 802 Voting centers selected PPS (out of 92,509 VCs). The mode of interview were Face-to-face intercept of those who have already voted (index finger with indelible ink). The total field group included support staff of 1,950+ persons. With n=50 per voting center, an error margin of ±0.5% was calculated.

The methodology is divided into six buckets: A,B,C,D,E and F. These methodologies involve preparation and conducting of interviews. A Transmission of Coding Sheets is done from the collected data. After the transmission, data is encoded and processed. The question items, comprising of 22 items, were divided into two. The main questionnaire deals with votings for president, vice president, senators as well as attitudinal questions. The other part of the exit poll question is to identify socio-demographic of the respondents. The polls were conducted from 12 AM till 10 PM on 9th and 10th May with a partial broadcast at 6.15 PM on 9th May covering 62.5% of VC out of 802 VCs. After the above steps, the Analysis and Transmission of Results is done. Data, charts and tables sent to TV5, with date and time of dataset version.

The published results were based on the final sample of 72,821 voters, at 10 PM on May 18, 2016. The results analyzed and broadcasted mainly dealt with 5 key questions - Platform vs Personality, When did the voter decide on his/her vote, did the presidential debates helped in decision making and whether voting was easier than the previous elections.


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